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Retail Products

As with the rest of our products, Buckeye Hardwood  & Lumber Co. prides itself on selling only quality retail products. To do that, we sell products from the premier flooring and finish companies in the country.  The basic products we sell are listed below; for more information and for pricing please contact us directly.



Custom Bullnose, Treads, & Risers

We can manufacture treads and risers to your specifications, including species, grade, size, and shape.  Bullnose can be ordered to specifications as well.


Custom Moulding Packages

To take an in-depth look at our variety of moulding profiles, check out the moulding pages.

  Sheoga Solid Wood Vents

As with Sheoga's quality flooring, their wood vents leave nothing to be desired.  They produce vents to match or contrast your flooring choice in a variety of formats.

- Cold Air Returns (Flush or Self-Rimming)

- Cubed Vents

- Louvered Vents (Flush or Self-Rimming)

- Rabbbeted Vents with Frames

- Three-Dimensional Vents


Bona Kemi Floor Care Products

Bona Kemi not only provides materials for installing floors, they also help homeowners care for their floors.  Products include specialized wood floor cleaning solution, mop systems, and guards to prevent furniture from scratching the floor/finish.


Basic Coatings Finishes

We carry several types of waterborne Basic Coatings finishes in different hardness levels.



Bona Kemi Finishes

Bona Kemi finishes and fillers come in a wide variety of options.  These include both waterborne and oil-based finishes in different sheen levels and hardness levels as well as numerous stain and filler options.



Bona Kemi Floor Finishing Machines

Bona has a number of machines designed specifically for finishing hardwood floors and making the process smoother and safer.  These include sanders, edgers, and dust containment systems. 



Bona Kemi Floor Finishing Products

Bona Kemi has a number of other products designed to use during the floor finishing process.  They have a variety of applicator tools and accessories to choose from.  In addition, they manufacture numerous sanding products, including belts, rolls, double-sided sanding discs, and sanding screens.



Epoxy Kits

The System Three Brown Epoxy Kits that we carry are useful for filling large knots in particularly rustic floors.



Imperial Paints

Imperial Wood Doe Base wood filler, also known as wood flour cement, is a product that mixes with wood dust to create a putty that exactly matches the tone of the floor.



Powernail Fasteners

We stock several types and sizes of wood floor fasteners manufactured by Powernail, including 1-1/2" and 2" Powernail Cleats and Staples.



Powernail Tools

As a Powernail Dealer, we have the ability to provide our customers with many different Powernail tools, kits, and accessories.  These items are available to order at any time.



Timbermate Wood Filler

Our inventory includes Timbermate water-based wood filler in colors to match numerous species, including both small and large sized quanities.



WF Taylor Floor Adhesive

We have recently begun stocking a new brand of wood floor adhesive called MS Plus.  This adhesive is useful for adhering wood floor to properly prepared concrete subfloors.




Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Company stocks many different types of melamine, hardwood plywood, and veneer.  If we do not have the color or species you need in stock, we can order it and generally have it available in a few days.  Please call for pricing on the various types of melamine, hardwood plywood, and veneer.  Depending on your project, we may also have grading recommendations that can lower your costs.


Buckeye Hardwoods is a supplier for L.J. Smith Stair Systems, which manufactures a variety of parts for stair systems including balusters, handrails, newel posts, etc. in numerous wood species or primed for painting. 


Please remember, that although we do sell to the public, due to the size of our facilities, we ask that all customers (especially those wanting to place small orders) please call ahead to see if the product is available and easily accessible.  This allows us to access our lumber and most efficiently use your time and our staff--one of the many ways we keep our prices reasonable.

Due to the fact that the lumber/flooring industry is very volatile and prices tend to change often, we do not publish a price sheet.  For a current price on our products or if you would like more information, please contact us by phone, email, or submit a request form online.

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