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Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Company offers a variety of flooring options.  We carry a wide range of floors, from staple hardwood floors such as Red Oak and Maple to exotic and unique floors such as Brazilian Cherry and Antique Chestnut.  Our newly renovated showroom demonstrates the breadth of flooring possibilities.  To better learn which flooring suits you, stop by our showroom, seen in the photo below, at the main mill north of Missoula and just south of Arlee (click here for driving directions). 


Buckeye Hardwoods Showroom, north of Missoula and south of ArleeUNFINISHED FLOORINGStandard unfinished flooring options are by far the most commonly sold floors at Buckeye Hardwoods.  The flooring features standard tongue-and-groove format for interlocking pieces, and most flooring is also end-matched.  The term "unfinished" simply refers to the fact that although the flooring is pre-cut to meet your specifications, there is no stain or flooring finish on the product.  Classic flooring options, including Red & White Oak, Maple, Ash, and Cherry are readily available.  Floors can be customized for long-lengths, random widths, plank flooring, wire brushing, rift & quarter-sawn lumber, and other options.  If an antique or weathered look is what you desire, many options are available.  Antique and hand-distressed floors are available in a variety of different species.  Another popular option in Western Montana to create an older, rustic look is circular sawn fir and pine floors.  The possibilities for flooring are endless.  Call us to stop by the showroom or speak with a salesperson when you're searching for the perfect floor, as a variety of factors can affect your decision. 


We are proud to feature Buckeye's own textured flooring brands, made at our main mill in the heart of the Rockies.  Follow the link to Buckeye's brands to get a closer look!



Not sure what the different wood species look like? 

Check out our species page for pictures and descriptions of our most common floors. 


Curious about the mills making the flooring? 

Check out the flooring mills page for mills we purchase flooring from and their websites.


PREFINISHED AND ENGINEERED FLOORING:  In some situations, you may want to consider pre-finished or engineered flooring.  Pre-finished floor is exactly what the term implies: the product has flooring finish (with or without  stain) coating the wood at the time of purchase.  Engineered flooring is made from wood products and with a top layer (called a "wear layer") of actual hardwood, so the appearance is identical to a solid wood floor, without it actually being solid boards.  It's also important to distinguish between engineered flooring and laminant flooring.  While engineered flooring has a thin layer of actual hardwood and is made entirely from wood products, laminant flooring is created to have the appearance of wood without being made of wood products.  As with any floors, it is important to carefully choose which flooring type would suit your needs best.

Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Company has several sources for pre-finished and engineered flooring.  Many species are available in either style, including Red & White Oak, Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Beech, and Ash to name a few.  A greater variety of species are available in engineered floors, including more exotic species.  Many of the same companies that produce unfinished flooring also produce pre-finished and/or engineered floors.  You can visit their websites to learn more about each individual product.  When purchasing flooring, it's important to keep in mind that all flooring types have their own unique benefits and disadvantages.  To learn more about which floor would fit your project best, you can learn more about each type of floor directly from one of our representatives.  Simply contact us in the most convenient manner for you.

FLOOR FINISHING PRODUCTS:  The products used to finish hardwood floor have much influence on the wearability and longevity of the floor.  Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co. carries several different types of floor finishes.  Improvements in technology and health issues have led the flooring industry to create waterborn finishes rather than the oil based finishes which were popular in the past.  The newer finishes are non-toxic and are much easier on a personís body that finishes than the historic finishes.  Go to our retail products page for information about the different brands or call us to discuss with one of our salesmen.

Please remember, that although we do sell to the public, due to the size of our facilities, we ask that all customers (especially those wanting to place small orders) please call ahead to see if the product is available and easily accessible.  This allows us to access our lumber and most efficiently use your time and our staff--one of the many ways we keep our prices reasonable.

Due to the fact that the lumber/flooring industry is very volatile and prices tend to change often, we do not publish a price sheet.  For a current price on our products or if you would like more information, please contact us by phone, email, or submit a request form online.

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