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With the many specialty items Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Company carries, it is sometimes easy to forget where it all began.  Buckeye Hardwoods stocks a variety of different lumber.  Generally, the raw lumber is 15/16" hit and miss.  For a small fee, it can be planed and/or straight line ripped.  Lumber can also be sorted for a variety of characteristics such as width, length, color, character, and so on.  Many species are available at 5/4" and 8/4" thick.  Please ask if you have any special orders and we will see what we can do!  For information on custom moulding packages, please visit our millworks page.

Lumber warehouse in ArleeWith our recent building additions, we are able to keep more lumber in stock than ever.  We generally carry the following species in stock: Ash, Red & White Oak, Knotty Alder, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Birch, Poplar, Hickory, Butternut, Birch, Vertical Grained Fir, and Brazilian Cherry.  Any other species (including exotic species) can be ordered in and are available within a short time.  To view information about the individual species, please visit our species page.

It is our policy to get lumber from areas in which it best grows.  For example, Pennsylvania is well-known for producing prime Cherry, so we make it a point to purchase most of our Cherry from the Pennsylvania region.  When applicable, we deal in Northern hardwoods as opposed to Southern species.  Due to the shorter growing season in Northern climates, trees take longer to reach maturity and are harder as a result.  For that reason, a species such as red oak is significantly different if grown in the Northern United States as compared to in the Southern United States.  We also take pride in the quality of lumber we sell, so we strictly adhere to grading rules and regulations.  Please ask if you have any questions regarding the various ways of grading lumber.   

Please remember, that although we do sell to the public, due to the size of our facilities, we ask that all customers (especially those wanting to place small orders) please call ahead to see if the product is available and easily accessible.  This allows us to access our lumber and most efficiently use your time and our staff--one of the many ways we keep our prices reasonable.

Due to the fact that the lumber/flooring industry is very volatile and prices tend to change often, we do not publish a price sheet.  For a current price on our products or if you would like more information, please contact us by phone, email, or submit a request form online.

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