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At Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co., we mill our own mouldings, specialty orders, and often flooring.  We pride ourselves in using high-quality equipment to complete every job, no matter how large or small, to the highest standards possible.  Take a look below at some of the equipment we use in our Arlee mill.




Raimann Rip Saw


Leadermac "Hypermac" moulder

  Camtec Planer  

This Raimann 50 horsepower rip saw is laser-assisted, ensuring straight work and glue joint precision.  It has the capability of running lumber up to 2 ft per second or 120 ft per minute.




Our new Leadermac "Hypermac" moulder extends our moulding capabilities to allow us to run 13" wide by 6" high stock and improves speed and efficiency of our moulding processes.  This moulder is in constant use, running specialty moulding profiles and Buckeye's own flooring brands.


The 50 horsepower Camtec Planer shown to the left is 2 headed, computerized and features spiral cut heads and a fingered carpet fee system which ensures flat work and accurate face joints.  It has the capability of running boards 8" x 24".







Wirebrushing machine

We also have a Cemco Sander which runs at 55 horsepower and can sand lumber up to 24" wide.

Fortis Shaper



The wirebrushing machine above is used to put grooves in wood, especially flooring, to create an antiqued look.


This machine is our 10 Horsepower Fortis Shaper, used to create edge details on stair treads as well as a variety of other decorative edges.




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