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Moulding Profiles: Shoe & Stop

Please note: Moulding profiles may not print to scale.  To be sure you know the actual size of the profile note the sizes listed (in inches) below each moulding profile and on special features.


Don't forget, the moulding profiles below are not all-inclusive of our capabilities.  If your desired moulding is not shown below, please contact a salesperson.  We may have new knives in stock or we can order the knives if we do not have something on hand to fit your order.


To locate a specific size, follow the links to sizes listed below:


Base Shoe

Base Shoe 0.750"    Base Shoe 1.125"



Corner 0.625"    Corner 0.750"

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Cove 0.250"    Cove (Cope) 0.250"    Cove 0.500" #5


Cove 0.750"    Cove 1.500"    Cove 1.500"

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Planton 0.625"    Planton 0.625"


Planton 0.875"    Planton 1.375"    Planton 2.000"

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Quarter Round

Radius (quarter round) 0.500" #13    Quarter Round 0.750"



Stop 1.000"    Stop 1.500"    Stop 1.500"

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